About the Conscious Business Institute

Welcome to the Conscious Business Institute Blog  

The Conscious Business Institute is an international organization that supports professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in building more inspiring, sustainable and effective companies.

Based on decades of experience in Venture Capital, Turnaround Management and Leadership Development, we help our clients combine financial success with a high level of personal engagement, fulfillment and well-being.

About Peter Matthies

Prior to founding the the Conscious Business Institute, Peter was a Venture Capitalist with Apax Partners & Co., one of the world’s largest Venture Capital and Private Equity firms with more than US$ 20 billion under management, and with b-business partners, a US$ 800 million technology venture capital firm backed by blue chip corporate investors (Hewlett-Packard, Ericsson, ABB, Astra Zeneca etc.). He worked in the IT and financial market for 18 years and started his career at Andersen Consulting in Germany, before co-founding a system integration and IT-consulting company.

During his career, Peter found that the vast majority of our workforce yearns for a way to work in a more engaging and inspiring way. Based on real-world business experienc and a deep insights into human nature, Peter developed new methodologies and frameworks for building organizations that engage all stakeholders – employees, managers, customers and shareholders – on a deeper level.


“We find that close to 90% of our workforce is disengaged. They are yearning for a way to work and live in a way where they can not only engage their body and mind, but also their emotions, their spirit and their authentic personality. The challenge for today’s leaders is to provide an environment that allows for such a deep engagement.”  Peter Matthies – Founder Conscious Business Institute